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LCD TV power board replacement: Good Idea, or Bad Idea?


The 'rents have a 46" Samsung LCD TV that's about 2.5 years old. It's recently started having some display issues which, after some troubleshooting and research, seem to have to do with a problem in the power board that is a known issue with several Samsung LCD TV models of its generation.
The cheapest DIY fix seems to be clip a jumper wire on the power board, but my Dad won't OK that option. Looking at the components, it seems to me like swapping the power board out is no different in principle than swapping out a sound or video card in a PC; unplug cables, loosen screws, detach clips, replace board, reverse steps 1-3 in descending order.
Before my Dad will sign off on the idea, though, he wants to know about the risk of electrical shock. Besides the obvious need to unplug the power cord before opening the cabinet, are there other electrical shock risks that would make the DIY plan a Bad Idea?

Please help.

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