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这个是PREGNANCY WEEKLY网站的,相信不少mm也在订他们家的newsletter吧


Mom's Medicine Kit for Pregnancy-Relief
For Morning Sickness:
  • Calcium-fortified antacids
  • Mouthwash, breath fresheners or flavored dental floss
  • Motion sickness wrist bands (also known as "sea bands")
  • Cool, unscented wet wipes for freshening up
For Sensitive, Swollen Breasts:
  • Cool gel compresses (NOT frozen, as this might add to the pain and sensitivity)
  • Heating pads on a warm (not hot) setting
  • Non-restricting sports bras or shelf-bra lined undershirts OR
  • Bras without underwire (sewn-in seaming under busts)
For Upper and Lower Back Pain:
  • Long body pillow to fold/bunch along back where needed
  • Abdominal support bands (also called "Belly Bras") to reduce stress on the lower back
  • Contoured chair pad for home and/or office
  • Deep heating rub (have your spouse/partner use liberally on affected areas)
For Swollen Legs and Feet:
  • Padded footrest to prop feet up with
  • Support socks or hosiery (look for in department stores or medical supply catalogs)
  • Gel inserts for shoes (added comfort and support for lower back as well)
  • Epsom salt for nightly foot soaks (have spouse/partner use leftover deep heating rub on legs as well)
For Nasal Stuffiness:
  • Saline nasal spray (use under doctor's direction)
  • Vaporizer at night/humidifier at day
  • Mentholated cough drops
  • Herbal nasal inhalants (sold at health and natural foods stores)
For Mental Fuzziness (also known as "Pregnancy Brain")
  • A nap, if possible
  • A To-Do list (have only 3 to 4 main things per day that MUST be done by you only; get your spouse/partner, friends or family to do the rest)
  • Special places for your most needed items (keys, shoes, purse, remote)
  • Lots of grace and humor, especially when you lock your keys in the car for the fifth time in one week
For Blue Moods and Fat Feelings:
  • Pictures of adorable, drooling babies to admire
  • The entire collection of The Three Stooges on video
  • Weekly manicures and pedicures; regularly scheduled facials and hair appointments
  • Mental reminders that in a number of weeks, you will have a beautiful baby to hold and love for years to come, and that any discomforts you feel now are definitely worth it!

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