English writing practice—A Strange Wedding

A recent wedding in India had a couple of bizarre turns, per the following news report. First the groom disappeared in the middle of the ceremony, then the bride’s family decided that she would marry a wedding guest to complete the wedding, and she did!


Apparently similar incidents have happened in India recently. I have never been to India, nor know much about its traditions, so I am curious: how in the world did the first groom get away in the middle of a wedding? Are weddings long and drawn out processes there, where people come and go for hours or even days?

It seems the bride''s family thought it a greater shame to call off the wedding altogether compared to switching grooms in the middle of it, otherwise why would they put the poor bride through another shock of marrying a stranger on the spot after her groom had shockingly disappeared on her.

No disrespect of India, but I feel sorry for women over there who have to put up with things like this.