English writing: Politics-America's "China Threat"

It seems the "China Threat" is one of the few issues that unite American politicians these days. The US Senate just passed a bi-partisan $250B bill aiming to "compete with" China in science, technology etc. Meanwhile President Biden just seems obsessed with China, envisioning himself leading an epic battle between America-led "democracies" vs China''s "autocracy."

I am not a fan of China''s political system, but I can''t stand America''s hypocrisy anymore. Underneath the cries for "human rights" and "democracy" hides America''s - and the Western world''s - fear that this time another country, a non-Western one no less, can compete with it and maybe even one day better it.

Beneath the fear lies jealousy, maybe something even more sinister. Let''s face it: it''s the conviction that there is no way in the world a bunch of yellow people can create a society, technology, economy or whatever that are more desirable or powerful than the white men can. That''s why you see all those demonizing labels used on China: intellectual theft, human right abuse, genocide...

As a Chinese American, I am very much against America''s demonization of China. Of course like the U.S. China has its flaws, perhaps many flaws, but to demonize another country and by extension its people is fanning and spreading hatred. If you know history you''ll see naked hatred is always a major contributor of conflicts and wars for humanity.